About Percival – this blog

This blog will be at least about 2 things – programming and spiritual growth and spiritual experiments that have completely changed my life for better.

Today’s world is no doubt totally crazy.

People focus on money, instead of living a dream life and having lots of money as a side effect of their lifestyle.

So why don’t we go back to our natural state in the shortest possible way?

We are born naturally perfect. Staying in a flow state as children do all the time, we move to higher levels of “life” being taught by society what is wrong and what is good for us.

As the time passes, we lose the connection to the Source. The divine knowledge that is everywhere and always, achievable through deep meditation, lucid dreaming or psychedelic substances.

I, as an author, believe that everybody came to this world for one specific reason. One of them is to grow mentally and spiritually. To learn how to love the world, love the people, circumstances, troubles, traumas and all the rest.


About the author

My name is Percival and I (fortunately) have been a programmer for the last 12 years. In the past 5 years I started to see that something was wrong with the society.

At the beginning I thought it’s something wrong with me, I went through depression and many illnesses that I dealt with using natural methods.

I’ve created this blog to help people go back on their track. Not everybody is going to be a millionaire, playboy, dancer, pilot, whatever. I hope this blog will help you find your own, true purpose. That’s the state where you love what you do, you enjoy life 100% and stay in the state of flow, here and now, as long as possible, effortlessly.

Have a nice read and see you on this blog and YouTube channel!

All the best!
Percival Maya


P.S. Everything you see here is just a personal opinion and I’m not interested in any censorship just because it hurts your feelings. If you feel offended by anything, you can always change the website.