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21 Sites With Amazing Free Stock Photos (2019 updated)

Have you got your own website? Maybe you want to start your own blog? In all these cases you will need a list of sites where you can get free photos for your website or blog.

Website without photos is like country without people – something is missing…

Images not only enrich your article, but also encourage people to visit you more often. Well, your blog will no longer be a bunch of texts, but a place with well prepared articles.

From the list below you will know where to get free images for your website, even for commercial purposes, and you will start to create much more interesting blog posts, full of high quality photos or graphics, illustrations.

If we talk about photos quality, honestly, it’s great! Some of them are so good that their authors could easily make money on them, but they decided to share them with other people for free.

If you, my dear reader, would like to give these authors back, sometimes it’s enough to put a link to their website on your blog. It’s not necessary, but will be a nice move towards the author.

So, let’s get into it.

1. has a huge collection of free stock photos in high resolution, and hundreds of high resolution images are added every week.

The search is intuitive so you can easily find the image you need. You can see the statistics like the author, views and downloads.

What is most important, all of the photos are released under Creative Commons Public Domain (CC0) license, so no attribution is required.

2. Pexels

High quality and free stock photos with Public Domain CC0 license. The free images come from websites like Pixabay or Gratisography and a community of photographers.

Just have a look at the statistics. The top photographer this month got 9.56 million views of his photos. Impressive!

3. Unsplash

Free images to download on a CC0 Public Domain license, so you can do whatever you want with them.

Over 1 million high resolution photos by worldwide photographers. One of the best collections and sources of this kind.

4. Pixabay


Great website with a huge amount of free photos. All of them are on CC0 (Public Domain) license, so you can use them for your commercial projects.

What’s interesting, it is a kind of photos search service and a database for photos coming from other sites, like Unsplash or Publicdomainpictures. It looks like their authors created a Pixabay accounts and upload their photos there.

As a bonus, there is also a WordPress plugin, that makes it super easy to embed photos directly on your website.

For a long time it was my number one to find photos for a blog post.

5. Pikwizard

Pikwizard free photos

Over one million of high quality, standing out photos on Public Domain license.

There are lots of people images (e.g. searching for “office”, “meeting”) which is rather uncommon on this kind of free photos websites.

Everything free of any attribution, so download it and use it!

6. Gratisography

High quality images allowed for commercial use. CC0 license, like everywhere before.

7. Freeimages

One of the first websites in this “industry”, used to be known as For this moment there are almost 390 thousand pictures of various quality, made by 30 thousand artists.

8. Reshot


As you see, there’s a lot of fantastic resources for photos, images, illustrations and even videos for your website. Use them wisely and let your content shine!

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